Repair services

Today, the mobile phone is a necessity and most people own it. Since invented this wireless device, it has been evolving day by day and today become widely used around the globe. Most of the tasks, people do it on a mobile phone from remembering someone’s birthday to make a big transaction. In short, a mobile phone is like an internal part of the human body. Living without it in the 21st century is extremely hard.

Just imagine, what happens if your smartphone stops functioning? Your several tasks will be gone in a pending mode right. Fixing the bug and putting it back in a working mode become your main priority. Does not your phone work efficiently? Don’t worry; Parlez Wireless is here.

We are affiliated with Mobile Klinik who is a trusted mobile phone repairing services provider for all recognized smartphone devices in Canada. We offer a wide range of mobile phone repairing services with full dedication and extra care. No matter what kind of issues in your smartphone, our team can fix it within a couple of hours if we have parts available in our stores.

Phone screen repair

Touchscreen or LCD broke? Don’t worry, our technicians perform the screen replacement quickly if we have an LCD screen of your smartphone model. To get this task quickly, consult with us before reaching any of our stores; so, we can get the screen of your mobile model. This way, your time will be saved.

Battery & charging issues

Over time, mobile phone batteries are no longer working optimally. Having the same issue with your mobile phone battery? Does it discharge quickly? Parelez Wireless can repair it or replace the battery.

Software update

Want to upgrade your smartphone OS version? Experiencing delays, unwanted bugs, hanging issues? Our team performs the software up-gradation, reset the software & fixes the bugs. Bring your faulty phone at any of our stores and get all the issues fixed quickly.

Liquid damage

Is your smartphone suffering from liquid damage? Is your phone plunged into the water? Don’t worry, we can even repair the devices which are damaged due to water. However, it may take time to fix the issues as we need to identify the issues in the circuits.

Camera and Flash Light Issues

Camera quality is reduced? The flashlight doesn’t work properly? Bring your phone to any of our stores and let our technicians fix the issues as quickly as possible.

Wifi & signal connectivity issues

Couldn’t get good signal quality of WiFi? We perform diagnostic to find the issue and fix it so, your signal quality will not bother you again while talking or watching HD videos.

Speaker and microphone issues

Having issues with your microphone while talking? Doesn’t your speaker generate quality sound like before? We do check and fix the issues. In case of replacement, we can do that too.

Other repairs

Keypad or Bluetooth are having issues? Is any of the device defective? We invite you to come to contact us for any repairs.