Field Workforce

Help improve your business operations, meet changing priorities, and improve customer service with TELUS Resource Tracker.

With GPS capable handsets, locate and report the location of each of your employees’ mobile devices and help confirm their whereabouts from almost any Web-enabled computer.

With TELUS Tracking and Dispatch, in addition to tracking the location of your mobile workforce, you can dispatch job requests to the closest worker, update work assignments as needed, and receive updates from the field. Let TELUS help you get a leg up on your competition and provide your customers with best in class customer service by immediately reacting to their urgent requests.

Whether your business involves field workers performing on-site services or delivery people serving multiple customers, TELUS Wireless Work Orders provides a single solution that schedules, dispatches, and updates work orders, time-tracks resources, and eliminates paper forms. It’s all done wirelessly and can be integrated with your back-office systems. This adaptable work order management solution is affordable and flexible. It can help optimize your operations—both in and out of the office. The benefits include increased productivity, increased cash flow, reduced expenses, and improved customer service.

The TELUS Alert and Assist solutions help your business be proactive about lone worker safety. Gain peace of mind and help improve the safety of your mobile workers by tracking their location. TELUS Alert and Assist also helps your business comply with Federal and Provincial health and safety legislation.

TELUS Alert and Assist is ideal for:

  • Businesses that have mobile workers who work alone, in small groups, after regular hours, in sparsely populated areas, or in potentially unsafe environments.
  • Businesses that want to help increase the safety and security of their lone workers in the field.
  • Businesses that want help to locate mobile workers on demand, manage corporate safety procedures, and report on a mobile worker’s location.
  • Businesses that want to comply with federal and provincial Work Alone legislation.