TELUS limited time offer

$100 online bill credit (including tax). Also, get a bonus camera worth up to $280 when you sign up for a Video plan.

Check on deliveries and even unlock your front door for the courier – all from your phone with free installation.

  • An amazing Home Security system that will always back you up.

    Your home will be monitored 24/7 for floods, fires, carbon monoxide levels, and break-ins by our smart home security experts. If a triggered security alarm is detected, action will be taken immediately and an alert will be sent out ASAP to your Smart Home Security app.

  • Ensure the safety and efficiency of your home.

    When using a smart thermostat or another similar device, you could potentially save up to 6% on your energy costs during high usage months. In addition, having a Home Security system with security alarms professionally installed and taking advantage of its 24/7 home monitoring could help you save potentially up to 20% on home insurance.

  • Take control of your home and manage it from anywhere.

    With your dedicated mobile phone app, you will be able to take control and manage all the parts of your TELUS SmartHome Security system. This includes things such as controlling your lights and thermostat and using a live video feed to keep an eye on your front door. Now take smart to the next level.

  • Take control of your security system and monitor it from anywhere.

    By using Home Security devices such as security cameras, sensors, security alarms, etc. you will be able to ensure the safety of your family and your peace of mind. Using a smartphone, you will be able to take control of the entire system and will be able to monitor your home and receive notifications and reminders in real time.


  • Security for your home and your wallet.

    Switching your home security to TELUS SmartHome Security can help you to start saving money today. Sign up for a professionally monitored plan immediately and you could find savings on insurance premiums of up to 20% waiting for you.

  • Reduce your monthly utility bill.

    Smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, and other smart home automation products will help you to not only conserve energy, but also to manage heating and reduce the overall cost of your monthly utilities.

Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

Many individuals are becoming more and more interested in transitioning away from traditional security systems (or away from having no security system at all). However, it can be hard to figure out why the switch is a smart idea. Overall, Smart Home Security Systems are an amazing investment in order to protect your property and make your life slightly easier. In addition, they will help you to keep those who are most important to you safe – your family and loved ones.

Here are the five biggest benefits to investing in a Smart Home Security System:

You can increase your home value

In the current housing market, it is increasingly expected that homes that have been placed up for sale will have smart home features and smart home products such as smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lights, etc. The simple act of having these products available will increase the value of the home. Furthermore, a Smart Home Security System alone (even with no other smart products) will attract buyers by itself. This is because having the system already installed before moving in is worth it to potential homeowners as they will not need to worry about installation themselves. This can drive up the price of the house.

You can monitor more than just the house itself

As a result of a Smart Home Security System you can monitor more than just your house – and you don’t have to be present at home to do so. With sensors and security cameras strategically placed throughout your property, for example, you can keep an eye on your home 24/7. This enables you to be more confident in your ability to keep your loved ones safe and secure. In addition, other features of the Smart Home Security System can make your life easier. For example, you can monitor a babysitter, be alerted when your children arrive home from school, or keep an eye on your pets when not at home.

You can be more proactive than reactive

For the most part traditional security systems are reactive. They inform you after something occurs or while it is in progress. The Smart Home Security System, however, is proactive – enabling you to react to a situation before it becomes an issue. This means, for example, that you will be alerted if a door is left unlocked or open, allowing you to close it and prevent uninvited guests from entering. Or, if your toddler exits their bed and attempts to leave the house in the middle of the night, motion sensors with be triggered, and an alert will be sent to you, allowing you to react to it and prevent a tragic accident.

You can save money on energy

The Smart Home Security System and additional smart products are designed to be energy efficient and to enable you to save money on your energy bills. This is because products like smart thermostats, smart lights, etc. are designed to be turned on and off on a schedule or remotely – cutting down the amount of energy expended if you forget to turn the lights off, for example. In addition, as an added benefit, the cost savings extend beyond energy as you will be able to pay a decreased price for home insurance as well. The savings are out there!

You can maintain more control over your home than you could before

Due to the technological advancements of smart technologies it is possible to interact with many things in your house without having to be physically present. You could turn lights on or off, turn of any appliances that have been left on, or let a friend in the front door before you arrive home. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Figure out which method of installation works best for you.

Use a hand-on DIY method of installation in order to take control.

  • DIY available for the Smart Automation plus Video plan, Smart Automation, and Smart Camera.
  • Receive all necessary instructions and devices in a SmartHome Security Self-Install kit.
  • Install the system whenever you wish – employ the online resource guidance and the call-in support to aid you in installation.

Receive a visit from a TELUS technician to install the system.

  • This installation is available only when a call back is set up – and only for the Secure plan, Secure + Video plan, Control plan, and Control + Video plan.
  • Any necessary installation work that needs to be done outside of the home will be completed by the technician.
  • The devices that need to be installed indoors will be sanitized and left outside your door – you will then be aided to complete the setup on video chat.