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A wild new report claims the foldable iPhone will support the Apple Pencil


According to a couple of recent reports, Apple is currently testing foldable displays for a possible bendable iPhone. The scope of the work is apparently only the development of a foldable screen at the moment and the company hasn’t locked in plans to launch an actual device. Still, a foldable iPhone seems very likely, given that foldable smartphones are expected to be the fastest-growing category of flagship phones in the coming years and every major manufacturer is expected to have a bendable portfolio by 2025.

Apple has apparently developed both clamshell and book-like prototypes and it was said to be leaning towards the former, which indicated that the device would be more of a Galaxy Z Flip competitor. This bodes well with a recent leak that also says the foldable iPhone will be targeted at young users. The Cupertino giant has reportedly discussed numerous sizes, including one that’s nearly identical to the iPhone 12 Pro Max when unfolded. A new report from research firm EqualOcean paints a different picture.

Looks like the foldable iPhone will be a phone-tablet hybrid

Citing analytics firm Omdia, the reports say that the foldable iPhone will sport an OLED display which will be between 7.3 and 7.6-inches. More interestingly, the report also alleges that the phone will support a stylus. It’s best to take this bit with a pinch of salt as the Apple Pencil is not compatible with any iPhone currently. That said, a 2019 prediction from investment bank UBS, and a scoop from a Twitter leaker suggest that Apple’s first foldable device will in fact be a foldable iPad. 

At the end of the day, it’s too early to say anything, given that most rumors claim that a foldable iPhone is a long time off, including today’s report which pegs the launch timeline for 2023.

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